A Better Baltimore

For far too long we have accepted Baltimore’s status quo. Now is the time for common sense solutions that equip each resident with the tools necessary to lead a healthy, fulfilling and productive life.



High quality education should be accessible to every student in Baltimore regardless of where they live, how much their families earn or who their parents are. Fostering greater community involvement, reducing class sizes and decreasing dropout rates are just a few necessary measures to realize this goal. An holistic approach to education reform will ensure that every student has a chance to maximize their potential.


The feelings of safety and security should be the norm in Baltimore, not the exception. Strengthening police and community engagement -through similar initiatives like the Police Athletic League (P.A.L)-, investing in violence prevention programs and strengthening laws to keep violent offenders off our streets are a few ways to ensure safer communities in Baltimore.




Public Health

With multiple world class medical institutions in the area, we should be leaders in healthy living, but unfortunately that is not the case. We must ensure that all residents have access to affordable and quality healthcare. Cracking down on runaway prescription drug prices and treating mental health with the same seriousness that we treat physical health will be my priority. We need common sense solutions for an ever changing healthcare system.