Since the late 90’s, Urcille has devoted her life to serving her community. As President of the Cameron Village Community Association, she coordinated neighborhood clean-ups, lobbied for city infrastructure repairs and filed maintenance requests, led community engagement forums, and worked with local police enforcement to fight crime. She has dedicated herself to youth advocacy, community engagement, and policy development.

Urcille Goddard served as an Educational Director with adjudicated youth. Urcille served at the Baltimore City Public Schools headquarters, where she focused on education policy, and improving school climate and culture. Currently, she teaches 10th grade students at a local public high school.


Early Life
Urcille Goddard, the product of a single-parent home, was born just outside of Baltimore, Maryland at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. Urcille strove to embody the values of hard work, determination and concern for others that was modeled by her family. These lessons would ultimately prove useful as she sought to navigate a broken education system that often stifles opportunity. 

Facing the hurdles of multiple academic suspensions throughout her elementary and middle schools years, and expulsion from high school it seemed as if she was destined for failure. However, the foundation of hard work and determination never left her, propelling her to rise above these challenges. With the community and her family at her back, Urcille Goddard proudly graduated from the Baltimore City Public Schools System with her sights set on helping others like her.

Having first-hand experience with a broken educational system, Urcille decided to dedicate her life towards ensuring access to quality education throughout Baltimore for all students. She enrolled at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland and later earned a Bachelor's Degree in History, and Political Studies with a minor in English from Washington Adventist University. She holds a Master’s Equivalent in Special Education from Coppin State University. In 2017, she earned a Master’s of Education degree in Education Administration. Urcille is currently a candidate for a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership.

Community Involvement
As a student, her influence allowed her to organize youth to engage in educational training, service learning opportunities, and recreational opportunities.  As the youth movement gained momentum, Urcille Goddard founded the Baltimore Youth Matter initiative that would be at the forefront of youth advocacy. 

After founding the Baltimore Youth Matter initiative, Urcille continued to find a way to get involved in her community. She organized, and led voter education symposiums, character development trainings, and career and college information forums. She also organized open gym nights at recreation centers and schools in Baltimore, Maryland. Urcille organized volunteers to participate in service activities, including but not limited to, nursing home visits, food drives, and back to school give-a-ways, seeking to counter negative stereotypes regarding Baltimore youth.  Serving as a Youth Commissioner for Baltimore City from 2011-2013, she received an executive appointment from the Office of the Mayor along with 11 other youth commissioners to advise, recommend, and inform the Mayor, the City Council, and Municipal Agencies on the development of community and government policies, programs, and services that support children, youth and their families.

Above all, Urcille Godard is a servant-leader.